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Penn Yan Plumbing & Heating has a complete inventory of water conditioning equipment, supplies, and parts. Penn Yan Plumbing & Heating carries a complete inventory of water conditioning equipment, supplies and parts. We have products to purify or soften water and to remove sediment, iron and sulfur from well or lake water.

A Sampling of Our Water Conditioning Supply Inventory

  • Water filters to remove sediment or chlorine
  • Ultraviolet purification units to sterilize well or lake water
  • Water softeners to soften "hard" well water
  • Iron filters to remove high amounts of iron from well water
  • Sulfur removal systems to remove sulfur from well water
  • Reverse osmosis systems to purify drinking water

Benefits of Water Conditioning and Soft Water

  • Whiter and brighter clothes: Soft water makes clothes cleaner and brighter by rinsing away the soil-holding scum that makes clothes look gray and dingy.
  • Luxurious shampoos: Soft water rinses away soap and dirt film, leaving your hair clean, silky soft, and manageable.
  • More refreshing baths: Soft water cleans the pores in your skin and rinses away soap residue that causes chapping an redness. Your complexion will glow and shaving becomes smooth and easy.
  • Easier dishwashing: Soft water leaves no dull, sticky film or water spots, so dishes and glassware sparkle.
  • More flavorful food and beverages: Soft water allows the natural flavor of foods to come through, and coffee, tea, and drinking water taste better.
  • Cleaner plumbing fixtures: Soft water floats away dirt and grime and makes sinks, tubs, and other fixtures easier to clean and dry with no streaking or spotting.
  • Save money on soaps and detergents: Soft water requires much less soap, detergents and laundry additives.
  • Save on clothing costs: Test have shown clothes last up to 30% longer when washed in soft water.
  • Save on plumbing: Soft water prevents "lime scale" buildup, which clogs pipes and water heaters, reduces water flow, and can lead to expensive repairs to piping, water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines. Soft water also results in lower energy costs to operate these appliances.
Contact Penn Yan Plumbing & Heating today to find out how we can help you improve the water you drink, cook, wash, and clean with.

Water Conditioning Supply Vendors

  • AMERICAN PLUMBER: Water filters
  • CUNO: Water filters, uv sterilization, water softeners, media, chemicals, iron and sulfur removal systems
  • GLEASON CHEMICAL: Water softener salt, potassium chloride salt

Penn Yan Plumbing and Heating offers a wide selection of plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, and water conditioning equipment and supplies for houses, cottages, farms, and businesses. We provide the products and parts needed by contractors, farmers, handymen, and do-it-yourselfers throughout the Yates County and Finger Lakes NY area. Services include pipe threading, wire cutting to order, water sample analysis, deliveries, and heating/cooling sizing and layouts. We are located on the north end of Keuka Lake on Route 14A in Yates County, the Fingers Lakes, one quarter-mile south of Penn Yan, New York.

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